Posted by: Pamela Starr Dewey | January 31, 2010

Hello world!

This page is just a welcome to my collection of blogs, and is not added to regularly. See the material below for links to some of those blogs.


Hi there. My name is Pamela Starr Dewey (yes, that’s Starr with two RRs). But most of my friends just call me Pam.

If you saw me walking down the street, you’d likely peg me for a typical grandmother. Yes, I’ve got the gray hair, wrinkles, and grandkids. You might assume I spend my days baking fresh cookies from scratch and making doilies, sitting in front of the fireplace in the evenings in my rocker reminiscing about the Good Old Days.

You’d be wrong. The only cookies at my house are Little Debbie Fudge Rounds that come in a box of 12… and I don’t make doilies, nor sit in a rocking chair. I sit in a rolling desk chair in front of one of the 8 active computers in our house (there are five of us and two cats here … that leaves an extra computer for guests…) and make websites and blogs. Over the years I’ve made fourteen or so websites, but now focus mostly on writing for my blogs. However… one of my websites, the Field Guide to the Wild World of Religionhas had close to 1 million visitors since I put it up.

Up until recently,  I traveled with my husband around the country to give educational and inspirational seminars at a wide variety of venues.

And I most assuredly do not reminisce about the Good Old Days. In fact I spend some of my time writing articles debunking the idea that any of the Old Days were all that good. Including the Fabulous Fifties when I grew up… they were anything but fabulous much of the time, except on sitcoms on TV. Mankind has in general been a mess for all of recorded history, and every generation has been a mixture of good and bad. I don’t waste time on nostalgia … I live in the now, and hope and work towards better things for the future.

The goal of my websites, and my blogs is to offer some insight from my 69 years of life experience, study, research, and thinking, regarding how mankind has gotten into the messes he’s created throughout history, and share what I am convinced is the path to a Better Way, in every aspect of life, individually and collectively.

I have two main WordPress blogs. The first is “Starr Trekking.”

The particular emphasis of that blog (subtitle: “Trekking through the Past, Present, and Future to set minds free”)  is exploring the fact that most people  are in bondage for most of their lives… and seldom even notice it. Because the bondage isn’t in actual chains, to some cruel human taskmaster. This kind of bondage is to ideas and thoughts and emotions and habits that can warp us into something far less than the potential God built into us at birth. Or maybe bondage to peer pressure, or to the controlling methods of some guru–that can make us do things that the common sense we were born with would normally keep us from doing.

The other main blog is “Meet MythAmerica” which is subtitled “Dispelling MythInformation and MythPerceptions about American History.” It contains articles and series of articles that provide detailed documentation and commentary about many aspects of the American Narrative your American History courses in grades chool, high school, and college either glossed over, ignored, white washed, or hid from you.

I invite you to Trek through the past, present, and future with me on these two blogs. I guarantee you will be edified, informed, often surprised…and occasionally dumbfounded.

Pam Dewey